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What Franchise Magazine - October 2013
Why being a franchisee is a good career option for a woman

The following is an extract from an article written by members of Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF).

Karen Sherr, Musical Minis

As franchisor of Musical Minis, pre-school music classes, our franchise is well suited to women and in fact has a totally female network of franchisees. A number of women who have taken a Musical Minis franchise, have had a career break when they started a family and found their focus changed from work to family. Many of these women still either need to work or want to work, however they also want the flexibility of fitting work around their family life and to be in control.

Being a franchisee means that they are their own boss and can fit work-hours into times that suit them and their lifestyle. Obviously franchises vary so research needs to be done on both sides to find a franchise that matches the work/life balance they are seeking. Becoming a franchisee enables a woman to own and run her own business and create the career that she wants.

Some of the Musical Minis franchisees, especially after having a career break to have children, find that they have lost confidence in their abilities; buying a franchise allows them to build up confidence as they are buying a tried and tested business and any uncertainties can be discussed with the franchisor, who should always be available for support and advice, so even though it is the franchisee’s own business they are not alone.

Running a franchise can be quite isolating, especially if the franchisee doesn’t have staff to work with, however, women are really good at sharing information and tips with other franchisees in the network and asking for suggestions when they need ideas. Most women don’t feel they know all the answers and aren’t too proud to ask for help. Being a franchisee allows women to have a career, be their own boss and achieve the work/life balance they want.

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