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At Musical Minis we take your wellbeing very seriously. Although the risk to Musical Minis attendees (both children and adults) is low, we recognise the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID -19) situation is potentially unsettling.

Musical Minis has a comprehensive and robust Health and Safety Policy that is always adhered to. Class props are always regularly cleaned. Instruments are disinfected after each class and whistles are sterilised after each use. In the past we have reviewed our safety policy with Public Health England who have tested the thoroughness of our processes and procedures and been very happy with the results.

Protecting Musical Minis attendees is our priority. We therefore ask you to follow this guidance which reflects additional proactive measures with the aim of giving all attendees reassurance:

  • If you or your child feel unwell, please do not come to class that day.
  • Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands. Where possible hand sanitiser will be available for you to use or please bring your own.
  • If you or anyone else living in your house have travelled abroad to or from an infected location, in the past two weeks, please think carefully before you attend. Clearly if you have been in contact with someone known to be infected, or self-isolating, you should not come to classes.
  • Please help us maintain standards and make the class leader aware of any instrument or prop that may need a clean during the  session e.g. if your child has been sucking a drumstick. Needless to say, do not allow your child to share whistles with another child!

Rest assured that at Musical Minis we are following closely the guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health England.

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