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Reed Commercial interviewed Musical Minis’ Southern Home Counties franchisee, Amy Ryan

Many of us aspire to be successful in the business world. Indeed, the effort required and risks that loom may be intimidating, but if you’re passionate about your business you will never lose faith. After all, positivity is key, right? If you truly believe in the business, the next step is to take the plunge!

We recently interviewed Amy Ryan of Musical Minis, a franchise that operates musical classes for pre-school children to assist them with their early development, in order to find out how her passion has helped her franchise to become a success. Below Amy discusses the early stages of taking on the Musical Minis franchise in the Southern Home Counties, her passion and advice for others looking to take on a franchise.

What made you decide to take on a franchise?

I decided to take on a franchise because I had always wanted to run my own company and I needed something more flexible than what was a very rigid 9 – 5 structure. I had been self employed before so I was and am aware of the risks and hard work that needs to be put in.

How has your passion helped your business to become a success?  

Well it is still very early days but because I am totally responsible for my own destiny I have to keep working and learning and creating and advertising. The day I sit back and relax I think will be the day the business gets stale. If you are running your own business you have to have a passion and total belief in the product. If you don’t you will start to resent it and your customers won’t believe in it or you.

Musical Minis

How did you fund taking on a franchise?  

I knew for a while that I wanted to start my own business but I didn’t know quite what form it would take so I had been saving up and that is how I funded the purchase.

What advice do you have for other people looking to take on a franchise?  

Do your research. Firstly make sure that you believe and want to be involved in that business. Then make sure that there is a gap in the market. Look at several franchises before you settle on one and make sure the Franchise owners impress you and are prepared to work with you in a way that you are happy with. Some are more hands on than others and some are more restrictive than others. It is a partnership. Do a business plan and be realistic.

Setting up a franchise is a tough, but rewarding doing. Offering up the opportunity for people to invest in an already proven business idea or make their own and run this themselves. If run correctly, the business has the opportunity to be a great success. Amy has provided us with her insights into taking the right steps in creating a truly successful franchise. Is your passion and drive deep enough to make your business take off? Believe in yourself and your company and you’re destined to go far!

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