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Cognitive, physical and social development through music…

Musical Minis, a national activity group for babies and toddlers, was recently awarded the tender for providing children’s services to Milton Keynes Council Children’s Centres. The tender process was extremely thorough requiring interested parties to evidence an ability to deliver a quality service.

Focus on EYFS Framework Objectives

Musical Minis – created in 1989 by child professionals with background in child psychology and nursery education – is a child-centred programme aimed to promote cognitive, physical and social development through the use of music. It is designed for children from birth to pre-school age, and encompasses many EYFS framework objectives.

The Science of Child Development

The Musical Minis programme is highly structured, with each part aiming to teach the child a particular skill or social accomplishment. The targeted skills include: listening, anticipation, language development, rhythm and relating to other children. Children are encouraged to learn to shake in time to the music, developing a sense of rhythm – something that will assist in the development of good speech. Each session includes action songs for co-ordination; musical statues to help develop listening skills; playing musical instruments to explore sounds and effects; a story to teach rhythm; together with nursery rhymes and songs to encourage speech. Each song – recorded at a pace suitable for young children – is chosen with child development in mind.

Play Matters

A further important aspect is encouraging inter-action between the carer and the child. It is recognised that some mothers have difficulties in bonding with their child and have little experience of the benefits of play. Many of the activities call for the carer to participate actively with their child, helping to form a closer attachment.

Nationwide Support System

Musical Minis is able to deliver its programme throughout the United Kingdom. It ensures consistency of delivery by means of a comprehensive training programme that focuses extensively on ensuring that the franchisee or licensee understands exactly what each element of the programme is intended to achieve. Support is then ongoing, ensuring that franchisees and licensees are fully up to date.

Multicultural Programme

With its extensive experience of working with Sure Start Children’s Centres over many years, Musical Minis appreciates the challenge of delivering multicultural programmes while also working to improve a child’s language ability. Musical Minis recognises that exposing a child to a myriad of languages might be confusing or even regressive. The programme has proven to be a great help to carers and children for whom English is a second language; the stories, music and actions introduce English language and culture in a fun manner. Children from every faith and background are encouraged to mix. All ages and abilities are facilitated in a single group, and children can benefit in ways appropriate to their particular stage of development.

Special Needs Children

Musical Minis is keen to integrate special needs children with others, and some of its most rewarding experiences have come from children who have managed to participate fully in sessions despite their disabilities.

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