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How to teach your toddler to share

  Meet the expert – Karen Sherr, founder of Musical Minis is a psychologist and former play specialist at Great Ormond Street Hospital.   As a mum, you already have an amazing array of skills to help navigate your child through her day-to-day ups and downs. And we bet that you’re already an ace when it comes to refereeing […]

Connecting Young and Old

Intergenerational activities offer the opportunities for social engagement and interactions between older people and younger children – with positive benefits for all involve. Many of the residents and staff at Brendoncare Stildon Nursing Home in East Grinstead were  surprised and delighted to welcome local fun time music group Musical Minis into their home along with […]

Here To Help With Advice On Children’s Behaviour

As a psychologist, former play specialist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Mum to 3 grown up children and founder of Musical Minis, a nationwide pre-school music group based on child development, I am often asked for my views on various subjects. Recently I was asked to share  parenting advice to answer readers problems in Mother […]

Should Homework Be Eliminated in Primary School?

As a psychologist, former play specialist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Mum to 3 grown up children and founder of Musical Minis, I am often asked for my views on various subjects. Recently I was asked to share my views on whether homework should be eliminated in primary school for an article for Costco Connection. I […]

Small People, Big Business: Hazel’s Story

Why not use the experience of caring for your own young children to turn it into a business? Hazel Morgan, from South Lincolnshire, took the opportunity and gave it a go with a Musical Minis franchise. About Musical Minis Musical Minis was founded in 1989, by Karen Sherr, and since then has enabled thousands of […]

A Business That Fits Around You

Do you want a business that you can fit around other commitments with the added bonus of three months holiday each year? Musical Minis franchisee and mum of three Louise decided to take the plunge and now runs her successful business with her sister-in-law Rachel in Durham. Musical Minis assists pre-school children in their early development […]

£50,000, part-time hours and three months holiday per year…

Reed Commercial interviewed Musical Minis’ double franchisee, Leena Thakker Musical Minis, one of the UK’s leading part time franchises, is growing fast. With earning potential of up to £50,000 and three months holiday to boot, more and more people are choosing to own their own Musical Mini’s franchise. What’s more, franchise owners within the business are choosing […]

Turn Your Passion Into A Career

Many of us aspire to be successful in the business world. Indeed, the effort required and risks that loom may be intimidating, but if you’re passionate about your business you will never lose faith.  We interviewed Amy Ryan, who owns a Musical Minis franchise, in order to find out how her passion has helped her franchise to […]

Real Business, Real Success

Musical Minis is a part time franchise that helps babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers develop a range of skills in small creative music groups. Musical skills are not a prerequisite and the main thing all Musical Mini’s franchisee’s have in common is a ‘can do’ attitude and ability to follow the franchise system to success. Jo Weaving, […]

Top Of The Class

Musical Minis, the children’s music and singing franchise, has announced that Caroline Docherty has won its Franchisee of the Year award. Docherty (31) bought the business for Teesside and South Durham just over a year ago. Karen Sherr, co-founder of Musical Minis in 1989, said that Docherty had achieved impressive sales figures and a growing membership to […]