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There is a school of thought that believes babies listen and respond to sounds, even in the womb. Certainly there is ample proof that very young babies react to music and enjoy its effects. This is why Musical Minis is such a great activity for babies and toddlers.

To surround a child with visual and aural stimulation is not enough. Unless there is an active element it would be like giving a child a book and never opening the pages.

The Musical Minis programme has been designed to assist parents and carers to join in activities with their children, in order to encourage the child’s natural attraction to music and to learn good speech with the repetition of nursery rhymes and stories.

Each section is structured to include:

  • Action songs – for co-ordination
  • Musical stops – to develop listening skills
  • Musical instruments – to explore sounds and effects
  • Stories – to teach rhythm and introduce early teamwork
  • Nursery rhymes and songs – to encourage speech

The music has been especially recorded so it may be followed at a pace suitable for the very young.

Musical Minis is not aiming to teach children to be young musicians, but aims to help children’s development and social skills through music, music being something that most children will respond to.

To accomplish this, Musical Minis is an activity for babies and toddlers which relies on parental co-operation.

Musical Minis
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